May 31, 2017

Backer named Co-Region 5 baseball Senior of the Year

By Jarann Johnson
Karson Backer, a Center-Stanton student, who plays on the Washburn/Wilton/Center-Stanton co-op was named Co-Region 5 senior of the year along with Jeremy Leintz (Hazen). Backer’s head coach Kip Erickson reflected back on Backer always practicing even when he was a Babe Ruther and his older brother, Brenden, was a Legion player for Washburn.
“He was always there. He probably didn’t play when his brother did. But the very next year he started after that as a freshman on the high school team. Then I think he played high school and legion from then on,” Erickson said.
Coaches at Center-Stanton have always praised Backer’s desire to work hard and be coachable. Erickson pointed to Backer’s hardworking nature and ability to understand coaching directions as reasons why Backer became one of the top players in the area.
“He made sure everything was done the right way and he put in a lot of work at shortstop – playing ground balls, working in the cages and he was a coachable kid. You could adjust him and make changes. There’s where he became the player he is. He put the time in to be the good athlete that he is,” Erickson said.

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