January 20, 2016

Centations ready for state dance

By Jarann Johnson
The Center-Stanton Centations will be heading to Jamestown this weekend for the State Dance competition, which is being held at the Jamestown Civic Center Friday and Saturday.
The Centations had a very successful regular season and competed at three invites. The St. Mary’s Invite was one of the team’s best showing this season.
The girls collected a first place award for their pom routine and a second place award for their jazz routine at the invite. The girls also did well at the Dreams in Motion Invite, which was held in Mandan.
The girls took third in pom and also took third in jazz at the Dreams in Motion Invite. The Co-Coaches of the squad, Holly Brown and Anna Ferderer, plan to compete in the same routines and discussed how the team’s routines went during the regular season.
“They’ve gone really good. We’ve changed a lot throughout the season. We are still doing the pom and jazz routine. We were able to compete at three different invitationals and they were able to improve their scores at each one, so that’s been great,” Ferderer and Brown said.
At the state competition the judges will be stricter and the competition will be more competitive. Brown and Ferderer said their team will have to focus synchronicity and dancing together.
“Sharpness, they have to hit their moves on the count. It’s called the execution point, it’s one of the point categories for the judges. So, they just have to execute those moves making sure their arms are tight,” Brown and Ferderer said.

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