September 25, 2013

Center evens record 2-2

Sometimes kids don’t have to hear their parents yelling “It’s dinner time” to know it’s time to eat. The Center-Stanton Wildcats were in a similar position heading into their game with Hettinger-Scranton. The Wildcats didn’t need anyone to tell them how important the game was, they already knew.
Heading into last Friday’s game there was a cluster of teams fighting for the final playoff spot. Grant County, Shiloh and Richardson-Taylor all have a strong lead on the first three playoff spots but the last one had several teams hovering around 2-2 in region play. Hettinger-Scranton was 1-2 and so was Center-Stanton, so the winner of this game would have a strong shot at the final playoff spot.
The game started off badly for both teams. Each team turned the ball over twice. Center failed to convert a fourth-and-8, then Hettinger fumbled, Center followed by committing an interception and Hettinger matched the turnover threw an interception.
It looked like fans were in for an ugly game, but then both teams settled down. Noah Johnson ran for a 57-yard touchdown on the first play of the Wildcats’ third drive of the game. On the point after, Logan Staigle found Danny Henke for the two-point conversion.  
Hettinger tried to answer, getting the ball to the 16-yard line but a fumble moved them back six yards, then Hettinger followed with an incomplete. On third down Hettinger had a big play overturned because of a penalty – illegal block in the back. On fourth-and-long Henke and Noah Johnson came up with a 14-yard sack, moving the ball back to the 40-yard line.


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