September 18, 2008

Defending State champ earned name

By Robyn Rohde
The best thing about high school football is the courtesy sharing of game tapes between coaches. That extra little edge of scrutiny your team now holds over their opponent could be the difference between a W or a hung head.
The worst thing about high school football is the other coach is watching your game tape right now. And defending State 9-man champion Mott-Regent practically memorized the Center-Stanton tape. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, C-S seemed to have forgotten what they saw somewhere on I-94.
“Mott-Regent was ready. They weren’t going to overlook us,” C-S head coach Scott Jung said. “I don’t think it was our best effort but we’re still a very capable football team. The kids just have to start believing it.”
It was evident from the very first drive, however, that the Wildfire knew the Wildcat play book, forward and backward. C-S started on offense but missed an opportunity to break a big play or possibly score off a screen pass. Instead the Wildcats were forced to punt it away and the rest of the first half belonged to the home team.
“We were missing the fire and energy. I really think if we could have turned that one play,” Jung said. “We had to punt and never really got that spark back.”
Mott-Regent had the spark … they had the whole forest fire. They punched in three rushing touchdowns in the first 12 minutes of action. Down by that far, C-S had no choice but to take it to the air in the second quarter. The champs could see that coming a mile away and Luke Honeyman stepped in front of the pass for the interception and then he returned it 40 yards for another Wildfire touchdown.

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