September 16, 2015

Fall College Catchup

By Jarann Johnson
It’s been a while since Logan Staigle’s name appeared in the paper. The  current University of Mayville football player is in his second season of college football this fall and has been enjoying his time as a college athlete.
Staigle said his first year in the Mayville State program was spent learning plays, adjusting to the college level of football and building strong relationships with his new teammates.
“My first year was great, even though I red-shirted it was fun to make new friends on the team and get close to a lot of great guys. It was good to be able to take a year to figure out the plays and kind of what it takes to play at the next level,” Staigle said.
Staigle admitted red-shirting was a challenging adjustment for him. A red-shirt year is designed as a season where freshman can adjust to college life without having to worry about games.
Many college programs use the red-shirt year to build their players athleticism and schematic understanding without losing a season of playing eligibility. Staigle said it was challenging because red-shirts do all the things everyone else does, but don’t get to play on game day.
“The challenging part about last year for me was to keep a positive attitude through the year. It was tough in the sense that I was practicing, conditioning, working out with the team, and doing everything the starters were doing, but I wasn’t able to suit up on Saturdays and play. So that is what I am looking forward to this year,” Staigle said.
Staigle also had some other challenges during the year. The elbow injury Staigle suffered in high school ultimately lead him to switch positions.
Staigle switched from quarterback to linebacker. The switch worked out well for the Center-Stanton graduate -- at the spring scrimmage, he was on the second-team unit.

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