September 3, 2014

First game goes roughly Wildcats lose by 52

Last Tuesday the Center-Stanton Wildcats traveled to Bismarck for a game against the reigning Region 4 9-man champs, the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks. The Skyhawks entered their home opener with all-state returners and hopes of shaking off last year’s home loss in the state semifinals.
It was apparent from the start of the game that the Skyhawks were on a mission to disallow last year’s results from happening again in the first few plays of the 2014 season. The Skyhawks recovered a fumble committed by Levi Dickinson at the 32-yard line during the first play of the game.
One play later senior all-state returner AJ Dale ran into the end zone making the score 6-0, then the Skyhawks added a 2-point conversion run by Dale. From the point of the fumble until the fourth quarter the Skyhawks didn’t give up a point, showing why they’re one of the state’s best teams.
The Skyhawks scored 40 first-quarter points and removed their starters early in the second quarter. Even though the Skyhawks played their backups, the Wildcats still struggled with many first-year players on the field.
There was one highlight for the Wildcats in the first half – a blocked extra point attempt. Matt Huber broke through the Skyhawks’ offensive line and blocked an extra point attempt in the second quarter.

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