May 17, 2017

Haag jumps well

By Jarann Johnson
The track season is almost over. The first postseason meet will be Saturday at the Bismarck Bowl. Last week the Center-Stanton Wildcats competed in two meets to get prepared.
Macauley Haag, a junior jumper, had a strong week. During the first meet of the week Haag took second in the triple jump. Haag jumped 39 feet and 8 inches at the meet.
Haag also took seventh in the long jump, jumping 17 feet and 11 inches. At the next meet of the week, Haag didn’t jump as far but managed a win.
Haag won the triple jump with a leap of 38 feet and 9 inches. Ben Thompson joined Haag as a placer at the meet, taking seventh with a jump of 33 feet and 4 inches.

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