October 4, 2017

Hintz clears 1,000 kills

By Jarann Johnson
Getting back to state is the 2017-18 Center-Stanton Wildcats’ main goal. But there was a small side goal for one individual. Abby Hintz, a senior middle, wanted to reach 1,000 career kills. Last week she accomplished the feat.
Hintz started playing varsity volleyball in the eighth grade. She didn’t start with high career aspirations. Her goal was to play hard and overcome her youthful awkwardness.
“I just wanted to play as hard as I could and do the best I could every game. I never really thought that it would happen – that I would get the 1,000. I just never thought I’d become as good as I am today. As an eighth-grader I was really awkward and not a very talented volleyball player,” Hintz said.
Hintz didn’t stay in what she described as the awkward stage for long. Once her first varsity season ended Hintz packed the off-season with practice sessions. Hintz’s dedication to the sport paid off with an all-district selection her freshman year.


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