September 11, 2008

Lady Wildcats impressive at home opener versus Underwood

By Robyn Rohde
Still hitting early in the season, the Center-Stanton volleyballers have had a busy few days. The Wildcats jump started the year earning fifth place at the inaugural Coal Country Invite last weekend. They gave the home crowd a show Sept. 2, opening the regular season against non-conference opponent Underwood.
It didn’t take long for C-S to impress as the Wildcats showed why they could again be the team to beat come postseason.
In the first game, the lead teetered back and fourth in the early points until Shantell Schutt rotated back to the service line. The senior tallied 12 unanswered points for her team before Underwood could end the rally with C-S up 13-3.
“That was pretty key for starting out,” Wildcat head coach Janet Erhardt said of her player’s run. “She’s one of our captains and that’s something they have to do to be good role models.”
Each team earned a single point before another Wildcat had her run. Junior Jenny Erhardt racked up a three-point series before her service ended and C-S went up 17-5.
The teeter-totter of the game continued until Senior Connie Miller got her second chance at the line. Serving points 21 through 24, Underwood didn’t have an offense to set up a consistent enough defense against the senior who bulleted shot after shot for out-of-system returns

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