October 23, 2013

No playoffs for Cats

The Center-Stanton Wildcats only needed one win to get in the playoffs despite the team’s small numbers. But it just wasn’t meant to be. Early in the game Logan Staigle, starting senior quarterback,  left the game with an injury to his elbow. The Wildcats and Staigle failed to recover losing 50-20 and ending their season at 4-4.
After the injury to Staigle the Beach Buccaneers wasted no time in getting the lead. Beach went up 6-0 after a Tyler Steffan 3-yard run, then they added a two-point conversion when Marshall Nunberg, quarterback, ran the ball in.
The Wildcats couldn’t get anything going. Staigle tried to play on defense but he couldn’t wrap up so the senior was sidelined for the rest of the game. Beach didn’t let themselves feel sorry for the team and scored another touchdown.
The Buccaneers drove the ball down to the 12-yard line and faced a fourth-and-1. The Buccaneers got the conversion and scored on a Nunberg 11-yard run putting them up 14-0. The two-pointer after was no good.
Things just continued to get tougher on the Wildcats. On the Buccaneers’ next drive a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage resulted in a pass interference call against the Wildcats. Instead of facing third-and-long the Buccaneers were facing third-and-short. After getting the conversion the Buccaneers got another touchdown out of their running game from Steffan, making the score 20-0.
The Wildcats held up strong enough to prevent the extra two but trailed 20-0 with 8:12 left in the second quarter. They needed a score bad, but it didn’t come.


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