June 28, 2017

Running for all ages and groups

By Jarann Johnson

Every year Fargo host the Fargo Marathon, which is the premier running event in the state. There are runners competing with varying backgrounds and goals.
This year the Center-Stanton community had three runners run Fargo. Ross Aman and Zoeann Henke competed in the shorter races. Mike Tietz took on the bold challenge of running the marathon, which is roughly 26 miles.
Tietz’s self-categorizes as a slower runner. He doesn’t have the high school and college running background many marathoners come from. He’s simply a guy who likes challenges. The biggest challenge for Tietz was making time to train.
Marathon running requires a lot of time. For Tietz, it meant running 4-5 days a week. The first few days of the week featured 3-5 mile runs, Wednesdays were speed workouts on the track, Saturdays were long runs and Sundays were recovery days.
“I do about 4-5 nights a week,” Tietz said.“I kind of follow a plan. It pushes a lot of variability. On Wednesdays, I do a track day and usually, I try for my long run on Saturday.”
Tietz said he tries to add in core exercises like crunches and planks during the week as well before stressing how training creates time conflicts with life tasks.

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