October 23, 2008

Season ending sets up another bright beginning for next year


Failing to make the playoffs several weeks ago, Center-Stanton said goodbye to another football season last Thursday as Richardton-Taylor came to town. During a year that had people guessing if the Wildcats would even field a varsity team, the 19 players the team ended with in the season may not have tallied the most in the win column but they never failed to play with heart.

"Thursday night I was impressed at how hard we played," head coach Scott Jung said. "I thought we played very well, we were just up against a really good team. I think we even won the battle up front at the line, but Richardton-Taylor is just a really good team. You have to play pretty much a perfect game."

Despite a few mistakes early, C-S was solid as they fell to 2-6 on the year after a 53-12 loss to the Raiders.

"If we could have just put it together every game like that, who knows where we could have been," Jung said. "We blocked well and hit harder than we have in the past few weeks. Overall I was happy with the effort in that game. We told the kids after the game that we beat Hettinger this year, another team that looks to go to the playoffs this year."

Wildcat quarterback Wendlin Berger was nearly sacked but shook off the defenders. He weaved to almost the 50-yard line before an illegal block in the backfield negated the play. That led to the punt on the next play that shanked off the side of a Wildcat’s foot to give R-T possession at the Wildcats’ 49. Three first downs and a 20-yard pass deep in the end zone had the Raiders scoring first at 7:16.

The first play after the touchdown, the Wildcats fumbled on the handoff. A single play sent Dylan Messer back into the end zone as a 24-yard reverse put the Raiders up 14-0.

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