August 13, 2014

Show me the money

By Jarann Johnson

A lot of people are always curious about spending in college sports. Fans want to know exactly how much money is being made by a school, how much a school is spending how much coaches are making, or even wonder what the budgets are like at some of the schools where our local athletes go on to play.
Well, each year the Department of Education collects that information for a tool named “The Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool.” This tool doesn’t show everything, but it shows a lot of details about college sports.
Fifteen colleges in North Dakota submitted information during the 2012-13 academic school year for the tool. Each school is a little bit different. For example, at some schools, head coaches of women’s teams average higher salary than men’s coaches.
One of the oddest factors when looking at the data is that only one college in western North Dakota made a profit. An even weirder fact is that it wasn’t one of the four-year schools that was making the profit.
Bismarck College State, a two-year school, is the only college that is making a profit ($35,941). Most schools struggle to end the year without being in debt and raise money in various ways to avoid that.
Only three colleges in the state of North Dakota made a profit from their sports department. North Dakota State University made the most with close to $158,000, and North Dakota State College of Science earned a profit of $11,460. Every other school in the state failed to make a profit.
NDSU had been extremely successful since transitioning from a NCAA Division 2 program to NCAA Division 1 FCS (formerly known as 1-AA), winning three national football tournaments and appearing in two NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments.


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