May 15, 2019

South central region preview

By Jarann Johnson
During the regular season, most coaches only care about improving and getting athletes qualified for the state meet. But this week things will be different coaches will have to be strategical about making sure their team gets the most points.
Hazen, Shiloh, and Carrington are the top teams for both the boys and girls. But the order of the teams will be a jumble this weekend.
Shiloh has the most overall depth in the sprints but there could be a lot of shifting from the seeded order in the sprints. There are only two runners qualified in the 100, none in the 200 and one in the 400. With the lack of state-qualifying times, it’s likely the event will see some unexpected points.
Hazen fans will have to keep on eye out for the 200. Garrett Ward, Hazen junior, is currently seeded No. 2 in the 200 and if he secures a top three finish at the meet he’ll advance to the state meet by place.

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