May 8, 2019

Who is taking the cake?

By Jarann Johnson
When people don’t know what to think about a certain subject, they say “Well, it’s a crapshoot” and right now those are the perfect words to describe the Region 8 championship race. No one knows who will win the region.
Shiloh ended last week in the lead at 5-2 in region play. But Beulah (4-2), Hettinger (4-2), and Hazen (3-2) are close behind. The region tournament will start May 20, and be hosted by Hettinger. But there is plenty of games to be played until then.
This week will be the first week that teams may separate themselves as early spring games get made up.
Shiloh head coach Aric Lee has to feel good about his team’s odds of grabbing the No. 1-seed. They ended last week on a 9-game winning streak and have one of the premier players in the region.
Lee said his team’s winning streak has featured contributions from everyone.
“Our pitching staff has been doing a good job of throwing strikes and giving us a chance to win ball games. That’s probably been the strong suit. Our defense has improved over the last few weeks and that timely hitting has helped out tremendously also,” Lee continued.

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