October 15, 2014

Wildcat still winless lose to Trenton

A lot of Region 4 9-man football fans went into last week knowing that the playoffs are right around the corner. For some fans, that meant scanning the standings to see if their team could sneak into the state playoffs. For other teams it meant hoping to avoid upset losses and earn strong seeds.
For the Center-Stanton Wildcat fans, it meant hoping for the team’s first win of the year. The Wildcats entered their road matchup against Trenton/Trinity Christian without a win.
Between the two teams neither team had a win, and oddly that was motivation for both teams. The teams were 1-1 against each other in the past two years, so winning was an actual option for both small 9-man schools.
Even though it was an option, only one team won. The Center-Stanton Wildcats couldn’t pull out a win and fell 28-78. That makes it eight losses in a row dating back to last year.
Even though the Wildcats are battling injuries and inexperience, they have one more chance left this year to get a win against Beach (2-5).
Last year the Wildcats lost to Beach in a game to decide which would be the last team from Region 4 to be in the playoffs. This year, the game will be for bragging rights.
There are other games in the region that will carry very heavy post-season value. Shiloh Christian will take on Grant County in a game that may really mix up the standings.

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