October 9, 2013

Wildcats can’t get upset win

The Wildcats knew they would have to play a mistake-free game to beat third ranked Grant County. Grant County entered the game undefeated and averaging 59 points a game. But they are also a very talented defensive team, only giving up about 7 points per game.
The Wildcats played hard in the game but played right into the averages and lost 54-6. The Wildcats lone score was a long passing play from Logan Staigle to Lane Erhardt. Erhardt caught the pass near the away team side line in 1-on-1 coverage at about the 40-yard line, then stopped and evaded several tacklers by cutting to the left and finished the play by racing back down the away team line.
Other than that there weren’t many highlights for the Wildcats. Grant County started the game by scoring three times and taking a 22-0 lead in the first quarter. In the second quarter Grant County continued to play well, scoring a 1-yard touchdown and making the score 30-0.  
That’s when Erhardt’s score came. But the momentum from the play quickly faded. Grant County got another score before halftime making the score 36-6. After that the Wildcats tried to rally and increase their intensity but Grant County just matched it.
On the first play of the second half Staigle threw a bubble screen pass to Erhardt and Danny Henke supplied the block for Erhardt, creating a loud crack and cringe from the stands. The play went for a 5-yard gain and it pretty much summed up the second half.
The Wildcats would get a good play, but it would only do minimal damage. The final score was 54-6. Head football coach Cale Ferderer talked about the results of the loss on the team’s post season hopes.


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