March 1, 2017

Wildcats get second win

By Jarann Johnson
Center-Stanton lost a lot of games this year, but Saturday afternoon they were in a position to keep their season going. The only thing Center-Stanton needed to do was avenge their early season 44-42 loss to Max.
Center-Stanton did exactly that, earning a 51-48 District 10 tournament win over Max. The tournament was hosted by Washburn.
The first quarter started well for Center-Stanton. Starting senior point guard Garrett Mosbrucker made a 3-pointer, putting Center-Stanton up 5-0 early on.
Senior starting forward Matt Huber added a score moments later and Center-Stanton led 7-2. It looked like Center-Stanton was well in control of the game and in the driver’s seat. But Max junior Tanner Myers was ready with a counter, making a 3-pointer.
Myers’ 3-pointer wasn’t enough to give Max the lead, but it did cut Center-Stanton’s lead to two points, 7-5, before the end of the period. The low scoring trend didn’t continue in the second period.

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