March 12, 2014

Wildcats quarterback headed to Mayville state

Logan Staigle was patient and hardworking during his high school career, even though his team had trouble finding ways to win for most of it. His patience and hard work paid off with a chance to play college football at Mayville State.
Before Staigle could even think seriously about college football he had to show that, as quarterback, he could lead a team to a respectable record. And that’s exactly what he did in his final campaign. Staigle got the Wildcats to .500 on the season, but the excitement of a .500 season wasn’t only about him or the team, it was about more.  
“I mean, just the fact that Center hadn’t had that in a long time, and it just felt good because we were able to bring something to the town that they haven’t had in a really long time. And it was more for the community, and it felt good for us too,” Staigle said.
Staigle felt like the community played just as big a role as the players on the field throughout the year. Because they came to the games when the weather wasn’t nice and even stayed to support the team in the fourth quarter and give the Wildcats that extra drive.
“By the end of the season we had a lot of people coming to the games, and it always helps in the fourth quarter when the fans are cheering. I mean there were those rainy games where it just sucked to be out there,” Staigle said.
After the .500 season, Staigle could focus on one of his other goals – getting a chance at college football. Staigle knew he always wanted to play and he had a window to his goal through the Center coaching staff.

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