August 24, 2016

Wildcats start 2016 with test

By Jarann Johnson

During the 2015 season opener the Center-Stanton Wildcats played Drake-Anamoose tough. Drake-Anamoose had the best lineman in the state NDSU recruit Cordell Volson.
Center-Stanton lost the game 14-8 and went winless for the year. Drake-Anamoose used the game as their first step toward a 2015 state playoff berth.
Center-Stanton entered this year’s season opener at home and looking for revenge. The revenge didn’t come this year. Center-Stanton lost 52-18.
Even though Center-Stanton lost by 18 points, the game was a lot closer than the score indicated. Center-Stanton Head Coach George Duenas said one of his team’s biggest struggles during the game was finishing drives.
“We couldn’t punch it in in the first half. We got down into the red zone twice without scoring, but I was really happy offensively. We moved the ball pretty well. We were sloppy with the penalties but they didn’t do much to stop us,” Duenas said.
Duenas continued to stress how failing to complete drives hurt the team during the game, but also discussed one of his favorite offensive highlights from the game.
“Offensively we had three drives where we didn’t reward ourselves at the end. Long story short, if we punch those in we are down a score at halftime. We had a 1:20 drive from our 40-yard line to end the second quarter. It was sweet. It was awesome and showed us a little light -- it was pretty cool. We scored with 0:00 left on the clock,” Duenas said.

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