December 20, 2017

Wildcats start boys’ season roughly

By Jarann Johnson
Turning around the ship can be a challenge sometimes. Last week the Center-Stanton boys started trying to turn around their ship and started the year 0-2.
Center-Stanton’s first game of the year was a home contest vs. Legacy’s Sophomore B team. Ben Thompson, sophomore, scored the first basket of the season for Center-Stanton. Thompson made a 3-pointer but his team trailed 4-3.
Center-Stanton quickly took over the lead with a James Henke, senior, score. But that was it for Center-Stanton. They went the rest of the quarter and found themselves down 11-5 heading into the second quarter.
Legacy continued to build their lead in the second quarter, pushing it all they to 20 points, 37-17. Legacy’s lead kept on growing and Center-Stanton struggled to figure out how to counter. Center-Stanton lost the game 61-33.

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