February 5, 2014

Wildcats start strong but fall

By Jarann Johnson
Any time you’re without you’re regular leader things aren’t going to be easy. It’s especially tough when the leader has maintained the same position for almost two full seasons. The Wildcats were without starting point guard Madeline Henke on Saturday for their home game with New England, a Region 7 team.
Despite being without Henke the Wildcats were doing well early. The Wildcats played extremely strong defense and rebounded well enough to leave New England scoreless in the first three minutes of the game.
Then things started to favor New England. New England scored first and kept their offense going, turning their first bucket into a 10-1 run. But that’s when the Wildcats got going on the offensive side of the ball.
The Wildcats went on an 8-4 run closing the quarter, making the score 14-9. The Wildcats’ first quarter run ended on a Rachel Ritek 3-pointer as time expired. Vitek was handling most of the point guard duties for the Wildcats in the game.
The Wildcats were hustling and playing well, but New England’s size and experience started to show in the second quarter. The Wildcats couldn’t stay with New England and trailed 30-15 at the halftime break.


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