January 14, 2015

Wildcats struggle against Legacy

By Jarann Johnson
The Center-Stanton Wildcats got a taste of Class A basketball Saturday against the Legacy sophomores A team. The Wildcats faced Legacy at Simle middle school in Bismarck and fell 81-41.
Since the teams were playing by Class A rules, it meant that the Wildcats were going to be playing by rules that are slightly different than the rules they are used to.
Class A uses two 18-minute halves instead on four 8-minute quarters, a restricted area, and a faster shot-clock.
The restricted area is a small three-foot area under the hoop where defensive players can’t take charges. In Class B basketball there is no restricted area and the shot clock is five seconds slower – the shot-clock is 30 seconds in Class A instead of 35 seconds like Class B’s.
The Wildcats didn’t start the game out strong and fell behind 12-0 to start the game. The Wildcats did calm down after Tristen Henke, junior forward, scored the Wildcats’ first basket of the game making the score 14-2.

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