January 22, 2009

Wildcats take Coyotes into overtime

With the temperatures outside hanging around 20 below zero, it took the Lady Wildcats a while to warm up for their game with the Grant County Coyotes Jan. 15 in Center. Once they did get going, the girls gave the team from down south a tough battle taking them into overtime but still losing 57-45.

Grant County’s Amber Iverson scored first followed by Center-Stanton’s Becca Hovey. The score stayed at 2-2 nearly halfway through the first quarter until Iverson hit a short jumper. The Coyote scored soon after when Abbey Gifford got a two-pointer. Wildcat Mikayla Halone followed with two.

At the two-minute mark the score was Center-Stanton 4, Grant County 6.

The Coyotes scored two more baskets before Sierra Henke got the crowd into it when popping a 3-pointer at the one-minute mark. Coyote Sara Wells got a two-pointer before the quarter ended making the score Center-Stanton 7, Grant County 12.

The score would be tied at the end of the next three quarters as both teams showed they really wanted to win this important District 9 game.

Center-Stanton’s Bailey Henke started the second quarter with two. Halone stole the ball after a Grant County timeout. The Wildcats missed on a couple of drives and the Coyotes missed two free throws.

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