September 5, 2018

Wildcats wrestle away tough set from Beulah

By Jarann Johnson
Center-Stanton topped Beulah 3-0: 29-27, 25-16, and 25-14 last Thursday at home. After dropping a competitive first set Beulah struggled to regain their first set tenacity and suffered a sweep.
Beulah and Center-Stanton wrestled for control of the lead but neither team could secure it. Every time it seemed like one team was going to take control of the set the opposing team countered. There were five ties before the teams locked in at 23-23.
Fans sensed the set would go to extra points and that’s exactly what happened with both teams meeting at 25-25. Morgan Vitek, Center-Stanton junior, recorded an ace for her team, setting up set-point but the Beulah countered, tying the set at 26-26.
Center-Stanton countered getting a point from senior Ashley Frank. But once again Beulah secured the tying mark when Camille Klindworth flipped a fake-set over the net, tying the game at 27-27.

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