August 8, 2018

15 years and counting

By Suzanne Werre
It was 15 years ago this week that Underwood’s Leon Weisenburger’s life took an abrupt turn.
He and his wife Kellie had just moved back to their hometown of Underwood, Kellie was starting her new job as a nurse practitioner at the Underwood Clinic, and Leon was working for an area farmer.
Leon had just played in a softball tournament over the weekend and he was feeling pretty lousy – he felt like he had the flu.
After suffering from typical flu symptoms that include a fever for a couple days, Kellie had convinced Leon to go in to the doctor to get checked. It was just before they went to the doctor that Kellie noticed the tell-tale sign – a rash – that confirmed her suspicion. Leon had West Nile virus.
The first blood test came back as negative, recalled Leon. But Kellie and the doctor were sure it was West Nile.
“But the doctor thought he had it for sure,” said Kellie. “The second test came back positive.”

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