December 28, 2016

2016 - the year that was

The city’s floodwater project finished up, while sprucing up of the city’s streets and school got underway and nearly finished (there are always punch lists that need to be checked off) in 2016. The city saw some businesses thrive and make improvements, while others opened and closed their doors shortly after opening, struggling to find their niche in the small city.
The city commission was seated with nearly all new members, as the commission entered 2017 still one member shy of a full commission – planning to fill the vacant spot by write-in ballot in January.
The community came together for several events, including the MidSummer Classic and the newly-created Death By Chocolate Scholarship Fundraiser. The school board revisited the idea of increasing the number of sports co-ops with the communities of Turtle Lake-Mercer and McClusky, but opted to wait and test the waters in Turtle Lake before really bringing up the option to the patrons of the Underwood School District.
A lot happened throughout the world, the country, the state and Underwood in 2016. Following is a review of some of Underwood’s Newsmakers from the past year.



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