June 8, 2016

A hole-lot going on

By Suzanne Werre

The deconstruction phase of the Underwood High School is pretty obvious as one walks near the school – the lawn is torn up and there is a gaping hole in the front of the building.

What isn’t seen is the construction that has already begun inside the building.

Supt. Brandt Dick has already been relocated to a temporary office while the construction continues, and there is a constant hum or rumble of work going on outside and even some inside.

While the work is just in the beginning stages, Supt. Dick wants to remind area residents that while the school is normally thought of as a safe place, for now, the front part of the building at least, isn’t.

"It’s a dangerous area right now," he said. "They’ve got big equipment, and holes and so forth – it’s just an accident waiting to happen if anyone goes in there. There’s just no reason why anybody should be in there."

His plea is not just for the safety of the children who might think about crawling under the fence to take a peek at what’s on the other side, but for anybody else who might like to walk in and take a look around.

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