January 22, 2009

A 'Tip' on remembering your roots

By Julie Arbach

Editor’s note: Feature continued from last week’s Underwood News. What brought Miller back to his hometown to help rejuvenate the city? Miller said he is an ardent reader of The Underwood News. "I’d read the school board minutes," said Miller. "And I got to thinking that there are a bunch of us who really got a good education and had gone on to have success as a result of it, so I thought why not start up a non-profit foundation for the Underwood School and make it an annual appeal to help update the school." Miller said he’d like to see it a world class school. "I quickly realized that was more of a hundred-mile marathon, than it was a 25-yard dash." The foundation has an endowment fund of over $11,000 and gives about $3,000 to various projects at the school each year. "We aren’t worried about facilities, we are talking about classroom assistance such as the SmartBoards, things the school board probably couldn’t afford," said Miller. "We recently gave a check to satisfy the wish list of the Industrial Arts teacher." Miller said everyone who contributes to the Underwood School Foundation receives a membership card in appreciation for their support. "We’re hoping they won’t break the chain and just like their fathers used to nail up license plates, they will put up these cards and not break the chain," said Miller. "It is always surprising to see who donates, and probably equally so to see those that don’t."

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