December 7, 2016

Addition unveiling this Monday

By Suzanne Werre
Despite less-than-ideal travel conditions recently, the construction of the new addition to the Underwood School should be ready on time, according to Underwood Superintendent Brandt Dick.
That means the addition should be open to the public this Monday for the first home girls basketball game. By Tuesday, the school administrators should be moving into their offices, and everything should be ready for use for the rest of the school year and for years to come.
“They’re just doing some finishing touches now,” said Supt. Dick. “We still hope and plan that as of next Monday with the girls game, we’ll be able to open the main entrance and be able to have people come in for the game.”
While travel was not advised the Monday through Wednesday of last week, and Tuesday of this week, the workers of Consolidated Construction have been putting in work hours on the weekends and into the evenings, noted Supt. Dick.
While aesthetically the most impressive part of the addition will be the large windows facing to the east, the added security of having one main entrance was the priority of the school board when approving the design of the addition.

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