March 14, 2018

Adolf – taxes already paid

By Suzanne Werre
Westridge Golf Club Secretary/Treasurer Justin Adolf would like it if people just asked him what they want to know about the golf course’s tax issue rather than letting rumors run rampant. He will be happy to explain everything he knows about the situation at the upckoinjg meeting with the city commissioners.
 The taxes have already been paid, he said in an interview with the News-Journal.
“Everything was sent in last August, and the taxes were all paid,” said Adolf, who took over the books at the golf course about two years ago. “We didn’t pay the penalties, but we had a CPA write up a letter asking for leniency toward the penalties, and we haven’t heard anything back since.”
The taxes that hadn’t been paid were the federal 940 and 941 taxes, the federal withholding taxes, he noted, and those have been paid up, said Adolf.
The Westridge board did not pay the potential penalties because the board members are hoping they will be granted some leniency and either pay less or have the penalties removed entirely.
He says he and the other board members haven’t been trying to hide anything or withhold information from the golf club members – they were just trying to get a handle on the situation and do what they could before going to the other members.



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