January 16, 2013

Adolfs continue family business

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It’s the first business to welcome in the many that pass by Underwood everyday. For some locals, it’s the place to start the day with a coffee and a doughnut. It comes to the rescue of parents who need a hot and ready pizza that everyone in the family can agree on. Others still seek out Grimsley’s Convenience Store because there’s no other place in town to get gas anymore. Whatever your reason, you may have noticed several new changes have taken place at the station in the past few months. New digital signage sends out a clear message to those passing by. New options like a F’real shake will keep you cool and new hot items like a meatloaf sandwich will keep you warm. A re-arranged interior allows shoppers to find certain items easier. But the most noticeable change may be the new guy behind the counter. The new owner of the business, Justin Adolf, has been behind the counter for some time now, but just recently had the business placed under his and his wife’s name. Justin and his wife, Amber (Grimsley),  are happy to continue the business started by Amber’s parents, Dwaine and Marilyn Grimsley. Dwaine built the store with his own hands little by little over six years. He’s been running it for the last eight years, he said. The Grimsleys have worked very hard in keeping up with changes in the business.



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