March 19, 2009

Adventure awaits the willing

By Brenda L. Shelkey

Growing up, Holly Gefroh was a quiet child, a bookworm who enjoyed traveling the world through reading about far off places. Her parents, Dan and Lori Gefroh, Underwood, instilled the values of hard work in her, mixed with a desire to travel and a love of adventure. It has served her well. Through hard work, she has completed her Masters in Molecular Biology while attending university in South Carolina and in the process met her husband, Adrian, as he worked on his Ph.D. in cardio-vascular developmental biology, which means he is trying to understand how a human embryo builds a heart, and particularly how it connects the heart to the vascular system. Holly and Adrian Gefroh-Grimes joke that their name is hyphenated to follow in the proper British stuffiness that is part of Adrian’s British background. The couple is far from stuffy and snobbish, instead their sense of humor and outlook on life are, well, rather invigorating. Prior to their marriage and upon completion of Adrian’s Ph.D. the couple had some decisions to make about the direction they should take next. They began by asking themselves, "Should we do something exciting like go to Spain, or settle down and do something like Mayo Clinic in Rochester?" Adrian said, "We sat down with a good bottle of red wine one evening with that focus of deciding the best option."

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