March 23, 2016

All these years later, they still like each other

By Suzanne Werre

"I would rather have grandkids than a white, spotless house."

That’s how Lenore Zietz summed up her life as she walked into her living room to pose for a picture for the newspaper with Lester, her husband of 60 years.

On the wall of that living room, which was neat and tidy despite the grandchildren, are the pictures of their family. They have eight children, 25 grandchildren and 20 great-grand children.

And great-great-grandchildren? "They’re workin’ on it," said Lenore with a laugh, which gave Les a bit of a start.

No, there aren’t any great-great-grandchildren on the way, but the great-grandsons have girlfriends, so you never know, said Lenore.

Les and Lenore celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last Thursday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.

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