June 7, 2017

Anderson helped school enter computer age

By Suzanne Werre
“Helped escort public school into the computer age” could be one of the bullet points on Nita Anderson’s resume.
Not that she needs one – she’s retiring after teaching in Underwood for the past 29 years, and three years in Riverdale before that.
But still, that line about bringing a school, the Underwood School, into the computer age would probably look pretty good if she ever does decide to go job hunting again.
Granted, she wasn’t alone, but she did spearhead Underwood’s tech program regarding web design, including designing the first computer-designed year book in this part of the state.
“I feel like I was part of moving toward technology, including launching the school’s first website, and maintaining it – 17 years ago,” said Anderson.
She was still learning a lot about building websites then, so she did a lot of networking with other people, she said. She eventually became pretty comfortable, and was able to guide the students through web design, and eventually creating its first yearbook electronically. It was a pretty big deal.

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