May 8, 2019

Auxiliary members make, donate bibs to hospital

By Suzanne Werre
There were salads galore to choose from at this past Sunday’s Turtle Lake Hospital Auxiliary’s annual salad luncheon fundraiser. The salad luncheon, as well as the fall bazaar and the birthday calendar are all pretty well known activities the hospital auxiliary group is known for.
All of those fundraisers are pretty hands-on for the auxiliary members, but recently two of the Auxiliary members really got their hands working sewing new terry cloth bibs for the swing bed patients at CHS St. Alexius-Turtle Lake.
Earlier this year Zona O’Shea and Beth Anderson picked up where long-time bib-maker Bonnie Nelson left off when the auxiliary was asked if it could make some new bibs for the swing bed patients.
O’Shea and Anderson picked up the torch, contacting Thrivent for a little financial help, and together they were able to purchase the towels and binding needed to make a few dozen new bibs.
“It took us about three full days,” said O’Shea. “Plus some time shopping for the materials. It actually took a little bit of time, but it’s needed so that’s what we did.”
And it was kind of fun, she added, noting that she has been a seamstress for years, so this was a pretty easy task.
The bibs are long enough to cover the patients’ laps, she noted, and they easily tie around their necks for easy on/off use. And the ladies went with navy blue and charcoal gray for the colors, just so that when food gets spilled, they won’t stain.



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