August 27, 2014

Aww, shucks – corn brings donation bucks

By Suzanne Werre

The ALS ice bucket challenge is all the rage these days, as friends are challenging friends to not only do the challenge (pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads), but also to donate to the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) fund. It has turned into a fundraiser of epic proportions.

The Heger kids, Ben, Libby, Chris, Nellie and Piper, with the encouragement of their parents Steven and Katie, are doing their own fundraiser, and nobody is being asked to douse themselves in freezing water.

They don’t expect it to reach the heights of the ice bucket challenge, but they’re happy to be doing their own small part to help some folks who might be in need, as they donate the proceeds of their corn stand to the McLean Family Resource Center.

After about a week or so of selling corn at their road-side stand just west of Underwood, the Hegers have raised $350 in donations that will go to the resource center, and they hope to top the $500 mark by the time they’re done later next week.

The seed was donated, and it was planted by Wholesale Ag of Underwood, noted Katie, so the Hegers don’t have a lot of money actually invested in their corn crop, and it just seemed like a good idea all around to not only donate the proceeds of the corn sales, but to also donate much of the corn.



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