December 8, 2015

Balyeat publishes sequel to ‘Eleanor’ book

By Suzanne Werre

Charity Balyeat, 14, looked a little different than the other high school girls at the city hall last Tuesday.

Dressed in a full-length medieval-style dress, Charity probably is different than her teenage counterparts – and not just because of her fashion choices.

She was dressed in her medieval garb, getting into character as she read an excerpt from Matilda, A Heart for Adventure, the second book she has written and published.

"Matilda" is a sequel to her first book, Eleanor, the Daring Princess, which she published last year.

Both the "Eleanor" and "Matilda" books are set in medieval times – hence Charity’s long dress.

In summing up her second book, Charity describes it saying Matilda is tired of her boring life, and she sets out looking for adventure, finding more than she anticipated when her parents are captured by the evil King Wallace.



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