September 25, 2012

Bar owners to be warned

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

With social media the way that it is, it didn’t take long for pictures of a recent lewd act at a local bar to make its way around cyberspace, and the Underwood City Commission doesn’t want to see anything like that happen again. If it does happen again, there will be consequences for the bar owner. The commissioners at last Thursday’s meeting unanimously approved sending a letter to the owners of the local bars informing them that if there is another incident of lewd behavior at one of their establishments, and none of the employees contacts the police, there will be ramifications for the bar. “We do not approve of this in our town,” said Commissioner Jay Snyder. “And we’re not putting up with it. And if it happens again without them calling the cops, no matter who it is, we’ll suspend their license because we don’t need that in our town.” The commissioners agreed to draft a letter to the bar owners stating that if another instance does occur at any of the local bars where the authorities are not notified by an employee immediately, the bar will face a suspension of its license for an unspecified amount of time, up to a year. “It’s not going to be a one-day thing,” said Snyder. “They’re going to feel the pinch.”



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