October 30, 2013

Better bone density, less ‘creaking’ come with workouts

BHG News Service

   Often people say they’re going to start working out, they do it for a couple weeks, then they just let it go when it becomes too difficult or too inconvenient to keep it up.

   That’s not the case for the ladies at Underwood’s Bone Builder’s Club, which meets twice weekly at the Underwood Senior Center. The six ladies are regularly meeting up with each other and meeting their commitment to keep themselves healthy and strong by doing their slow, rhythmic exercises with hand and ankle weights.

   A story was recently in the News and the health tab on the avid group of "tree huggers" (named for one of the exercises they do), and one of the ladies thought it was worthwhile to do a followup, as they have definitely seen some improvements, and they would like other folks to know that they’re actually seeing and feeling improvements.

   Lois Werre, who counts out the reps for the group, recently had a bone density test that proved to her the exercises were helping.

   "My spine reports were much improved from before," she said. "(My doctor) just said it was so much improved from what it had been."



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