April 25, 2018

Bid letting approved for water distribution system

BHG News
With 27 items, some routine, on the April 19 Mercer city meeting, Mayor Kathern Schon kept things moving in an orderly fashion.
Minutes approved as read, no additions to the agenda, and approval of the financials were quickly dispensed.
Bills to be paid were also approved.
The majority of the old and new business items concerned water and sewer issues. North Dakota Department of Transportation will be putting signs up, which was a no-cost item for the city. The motion passed; that was all NDDOT needed: approval by the city council.
Old business was first.
Water line easements will be mailed out for signing. Some that were signed earlier will be re-sent due to a change in the easement from a perpetual basis to a one-time basis.



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