February 12, 2009

Blog training offered through Horizon Program

By Julie Arbach

If you aren’t Blogging now, you could be soon, as an informational training session will be held for area residents on Feb. 19. The training will be conducted by Jodi Bruns, of the North Dakota State University Extension Service, at the Underwood City Hall beginning with a light supper at 5:30 p.m. and followed by the informational session. UAEDC Community and Economic Development Specialist Becky Bowen said Blogging is a type of posting to a Website. In this case it is the Horizon’s Website, but the same skills can be applied to any internet site. "People can see what other people are writing about in regards to the different community projects they are working on," said Bowen. "It is kind of a community e-mail." The site will be set up by the Horizons Program specifically for Underwood. "It is a way for people to communicate and know what the various constituencies are doing," said Bowen. Blogging isn’t a complicated process, but Bowen said there are probably people that don’t know what is involved and would like to learn. "We are particularly interested in getting the young people involved to see what is going on from a community and economic development standpoint," said Bowen.

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