October 15, 2014

Bloom still on the Rose

By Suzanne Werre

Questions have swirled around the viability of restoring the Rose Theater in Underwood ever since the Northern Expressions Arts Council decided to restore the theater, not simply restoring it to its former glory, but with the goal of eventually re-opening the theater with a digital projector, showing the newest movie releases to the masses.

Will people come to a local theater? Will people help to get the building back into usable shape? Do people even want to re-open the Rose as a theater.

According to a recent survey of Underwood’s high school students (freshmen through seniors) conducted by members of the entrepreneur class, the answers from the teen set are resounding yeses across the board.

Julie Driessen, who teaches the entrepreneur class and puts on an entrepreneur fair each spring, said the arts council approached her this summer, wondering if there might be something her students could do to help out with the fledgling project.

Initially she wasn’t sure if there was anything her students could do – she has to stay within the curriculum of the class. But doing a survey fit in really well with the lesson plan.

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