May 14, 2014

Board displays heavenly message

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

Generally, the message given at a church isn’t meant to be laughed at. But that’s not the case at Underwood’s St. John’s Lutheran Church, where it’s practically a weekly goal to get people laughing at the message.

That means they’re getting their weekly "Lenorism," or their weekly clever quip posted on the sign in front of the church by member Lenore Zietz.

Quick with a laugh about some of her own words of wisdom and wit, Lenore points out that she does get some help coming up with the message from fellow church member Craig Pankow.

Most often, though, it’s Lenore who comes up with clever comments/questions (Lenorisms) that are seen weekly on the sign in front of the church. She admits she gets a lot of her ideas from lots of different places, but she does try to pick sayings that will make people stop and think. She’s heard, and seen, that it works. People often make a point of reading her weekly message.

One of the school’s teachers always makes sure she catches the weekly message.

"She said, ‘I can’t wait to read what you have up here . . . it’s always given me food for thought’," said Lenore.



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