October 12, 2016

Board ‘proactive’ by increasing mills

By Suzanne Werre
For those who are already feeling the pains of increased taxes because “specials” because of last summer’s floodwater project, the pain is about to get a little bit worse – but not much in the grand scheme of things..
The Underwood School Board had originally hoped to not have to raise the tax mills for the upcoming year, but ended up doing so by just shy of 6 percent.
“We did increase the miscellaneous fund because the board felt that with the project that we have, we’re dipping into our reserves to build this project – they just want to make sure that we’ll be okay as we go forward, jist to be a little proactive,” said Supt. Brandt Dick.
In dollars and cents, the property tax portion for the Underwood School District for the upcoming taxes will be going up about $26 per year per $100,000 of the value of a home.
If the home is valued at $200,000, the property owner can expect the school portion of your property taxes to be going up about $52 per year, and if the home is valued at about $300,000, the school portion of the property taxes will be going up about $78.
For farmers, the increase is just shy of $29 per $100,000 quarter of land.

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