August 3, 2016

Board makes fee changes, looks to limiting school access

By Suzanne Werre
The school board enjoys being able to allow access to the weight room and gym for non-students and faculty, but with improved security a major reason for the addition to the east side of the school, some changes to availability of the weight room and gym will most likely become more limited once the new security system is in place.
“One of the major reasons for this addition was for security, and we have had some discussion about the fact that we have people with key fobs, and once they get in, they have free access to the school,” commented Supt. Brandt Dick, who suggested the board consider limiting hours in which nonschool students/personnel could have access to the building.
“We do have people come in during the school day and use it,” continued Supt. Dick. “It’s not a big issue, but if we’re looking at security, all it takes is 10 bucks and they have access to the school.”
When the security system is in place, added Supt. Dick, the buzz-in system that allows visitors to come in though the elementary door or the high school door, will no longer be used.
“The plan is to do away with the buzz-in system over there,” said Supt. Dick. “Key fobs will still work, but we want all the traffic to go through the main entrance. There will be an adjustment for the elementary kids’ parents.”



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