December 23, 2014

Board says yes to more co-op talks; hopes to decide by February

By Suzanne Werre

Several people attended last Wednesday’s public meeting in advance of the regular school board meeting to discuss the possibility of co-oping with Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky in basketball, both boys and girls, starting next year.

Several people spoke regarding the possibility of co-oping in basketball, having more questions than answers.

Among the questions – Is playing time and experience what we want, or is it to be competitive?

When Riverdale’s Rob Holm took his turn at the podium, he noted in his appeal not to co-op, "We can still be competitive if we have good coaches that motivate kids to play."

There is concern that with a co-op, which would probably require practices and/or games at both schools and require more driving for everyone, that some potential athletes would not go out for sports because of the additional driving.

Would only the really "dedicated" athletes be in the co-op, leaving other athletes who would have played a lot on their home team, riding the bench, worse yet, eventually not going out for the sport anymore.



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