December 17, 2014

Board seeks input about co-op

By Suzanne Werre

By the time most people see this (Thursday), the question and answer/discussion with Underwood School patrons and the school board regarding the potential co-oping with Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky for varsity basketball next season will have already happened.

For those who happen to get the paper Wednesday afternoon, an informational meeting is scheduled at 5 p.m. in the school lunch room to discuss the possibility of joining with TL-M-M for varsity boys and girls basketball for next season, and potentially volleyball the year after, according to Supt. Brandt Dick.

Co-oping in speech and drama are also on the table, but the hot button in this co-op drama is about basketball.

There are a lot of concerns regarding the possibility of co-oping in basketball, many of which Supt. Dick addresses in this week’s Report Card column.

The board, which has been discussing the possibility of co-oping in those varsity sports since earlier this fall, has already discussed most of the potential questions they think they will hear at the meeting.

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