August 22, 2018

Bussman comfortable with school start

By Suzanne Werre
Turtle Lake-Mercer Supt. Sheila Schlafmann and Principal D’Aulan Bussman said they were ready for Tuesday morning as they expected students to start the 2018 school year with their first day of school.
“I’m comfortable. There are just a lot of things that are unknown, but I feel it’s going fairly well,” said Bussman regarding her preparation for the start of the school year. She recently attended several workshops and conferences to get ready for this year, she noted.
In her report to the board Supt. Sheila Schlafmann noted that a new aspect to the school this year will be the requirement for all visitors to stop at the office to get a visitor’s badge at the office before going further into the school.
“For consistency, it doesn’t matter who you are, when you get buzzed in, please get a visitor’s badge,” said Schlafmann.
She also handed out a sample of the new Turtle Lake School district map, which includes a recent annexation and shows all of the Turtle Lake-Mercer district, not just that which is in McLean County, which met with approval from the board.
She noted there are still currently open coaching positions for junior high track, junior high girls’ basketball and JV/assistant boys’ basketball, but that the elementary girls’ basketball coach position has been filled by Megan Grosz.



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