February 14, 2018

Chamber holding logo and slogan competition

BHG News
The Turtle Lake Chamber of Progress reviewed its plans for 2018 according to the past year’s schedule at their February 6 meeting.
Secretary Denise Belisle called the meeting to order and handled the motions to approve the previous meetings minutes and the financial report.
A list of members and notice that membership letters had been sent out by Bev Neumiller were noted at the meeting. The membership drive was on the list for both January and February, with March showing the annual Taste of Turtle Lake event.
Event chair Linda Huelsman, McLean McHenry Insurance, stated that no firm date had been set for the event, which might be moved to April.
April is also the month the Bank of Turtle Lake usually holds the community Easter egg hunt. This year with Easter early on April 1, the egg hunt is set for March 31.
Northland Health Care is set to chair the $200 scholarship donation process for the Chamber.

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